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Custom Registration Form Templates
Have you had a look at our pre-made registration form templates? With the introduction of our new and improved registration form theme designer, we have also included many new templates that you can use as-is or customise to suit your needs. No design expertise needed!

registration form templates

You can find the form designer and templates in the "Theme Designer" section of your event's ROL Manager dashboard.

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Exponentially Grow "The Buzz" Around Your Event
Your event registrants are passionate about the upcoming event - make it easy for them spread the word to all their friends and co-workers! Active's online event registration system now features Facebook, Twitter and email sharing widgets on the registration form confirmation page enabling the registrant to invite all of their friends, contacts and followers to come and take part.

event promotion tools

It only takes one tweet to get your event in front of hundreds of new potential attendees. Make sure you include these widgets on your confirmation page when you set up your next event!

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Free Websites for Events
You may have already used Active's online event registration forms to collect attendee data and payment but have you had a look at our free website builder? Clients that collect online registrations through Active's event management platform also have access to a robust website publishing system. Plublicise your event with a free event website and include your event details, event images, event schedule, contact information, links to your sponsors, integrations with all the popular social media channels and more. Active enables you to instantly publish your free website to the web and submit it to all the major search engines - all with no hosting fees or experience with HTML code or web design needed.

You can find the website builder in your Regonline manager. Select the event you would like to build a website for and click the "Event Website" tab on the navigation bar.

Adding content to your website is as easy as using any word processing program.

free websites for events

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Increase Event Entries with a Web Button
Web buttons have proven to increase entries by as much as 67%. Using a web button will make online registration for your event or club more accessible than ever before, giving you an increase in participation. Here are step-by-step instructions on how you can easily create your own web button with Active’s event management software:
  1. Log into your Active RegOnline Account.
  2. Click on the event you would like to create a web button for.
  3. Click on “Button Designer” under Additional Resources.

    If you are using the new BETA version, the interface will look like this...

    Button Designer

    If you are using the CLASSIC version, the interface will look like this...

    Button Designer Link

  4. Once you click on “Button Designer”, you will see a pop-up window like the one below. Select “Button” and click Next.

    standard button design

  5. Choose where your button will link to (e.g. your Registration Form, the Event Website, or your Events Calendar).

    Button Creator

  6. Customise the color and text of your web button.

    design button

  7. The system will automatically generate the HTML code for you to use! Just copy the code and paste it into your website.

    Button Code

    The web button will appear where you placed it, with a live link to your online registration form. For maximum visibility, place the button on the top half of the right hand side of your web page and watch your registration numbers rise!

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Online Survey Forms for your Attendees
If you have already created an event registration form, you may have noticed that our event management software offers a variety of other types of online form templates. Try using the online survey form template to collect attendee feedback after your event is over. Providing your participants with a quick and easy way to submit their feedback online will increase the likelihood that they will respond. Many event organisers include a link to their online survey form in an email delivered hours after the event has finished. You may want to consider providing an incentive to complete the form such as a discount code for next year's event. Not only will you get valuable feedback but also a head start on marketing next year's event!

The survey form template can be found in the form type menu...

survey form builder

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Easy Email Marketing For Your Event
Email can be a low cost and highly effective form of event advertising. Reduce your printing costs, more easily track your return on investment, and increase event attendance with Active's easy to use email invitation tool.

Active's event management software includes an integrated email marketing feature that clients can use free of charge to advertise their events. Upload as many contacts as you like into the system and send them beautiful invitations to register for you event. Reporting features will enable you to track email open rates and registrations that resulted from your email campaign.

Start creating your email invitation by selecting the event you want to associate it to and the contact list you would like to mail it to.

Email Advertising for Events

Choose a pre-designed theme or create your own.

Email Marketing for Events

Write your content or choose a template that is commonly used by other event organisers. You can merge the contact's name and other information into the content if you choose.

Email Marketing System

Once you have finished creating your email, all that is left to do is schedule delivery, relax, and watch the registrations come in!

For more information about Active's email marketing system click HERE.

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Team Registration Made Easy
Active’s new and improved team registration feature will make it easy for team captains to register their teammates. Team captains can create their team name, register each team member and then return to the event registration form at any time to edit team member info, change the team name or add more participants to their roster. Team management is also easy for the event organiser. View team reports, limit the size of a team, designate a new team captain, substitute participants and cancel team members.

To activate team functionality for a registration type, open the Advanced area within that registration type and select the "Collect Team Name" feature. You can also limit the size of the team on this screen.

Online Team Registration

Team name data can be viewed in all standard and custom reports. You can also merge the registrant's team name into all confirmation and follow-up email.

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Embed an Entry Form in Your Website

And now for our first product feature tip (which you may already be aware of): our registration form builder will allow you to embed the form on a page of your own website!

This feature is called iFrame and is easy for any event director or their webmaster to use.

Once you have built your event entry form, navigate to the Button Designer tool which is located under the Functions tab...

registration form builder

Then select the iFrame function...

iFrame Tool

The form builder will automatically generate the iFrame code...

iFrame Code

Simply copy and paste this code into a page on your event website. The online registration form will embed itself on the page with all of the design and navigation elements that appear across the rest of your site. This feature is really great because the registrant will fill out the form without ever having to leave your event site!

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