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Easy Email Marketing For Your Event
Email can be a low cost and highly effective form of event advertising. Reduce your printing costs, more easily track your return on investment, and increase event attendance with Active's easy to use email invitation tool.

Active's event management software includes an integrated email marketing feature that clients can use free of charge to advertise their events. Upload as many contacts as you like into the system and send them beautiful invitations to register for you event. Reporting features will enable you to track email open rates and registrations that resulted from your email campaign.

Start creating your email invitation by selecting the event you want to associate it to and the contact list you would like to mail it to.

Email Advertising for Events

Choose a pre-designed theme or create your own.

Email Marketing for Events

Write your content or choose a template that is commonly used by other event organisers. You can merge the contact's name and other information into the content if you choose.

Email Marketing System

Once you have finished creating your email, all that is left to do is schedule delivery, relax, and watch the registrations come in!

For more information about Active's email marketing system click HERE.

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Easy Email Marketing For Your Event