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Keeping Them Engaged Until Event Day
Efficiently collecting event participant data is only half the battle. Fully utilise your event management software and keep your registrants engaged all the way up to the day of the event with customised follow-up emails.

The key to hosting a great event is to keep your participant’s excitement level rising steadily from date of registration to the day they show up to your event. If event registration opens 3, 4, or 5 months prior to the event date, expect that some registrants may get preoccupied at the office or with daily life and lose that feeling of exhilaration they experienced when signing up for the event. Keeping in contact with your participants on a regular basis will build anticipation and ensure they show up to the event ready to have a great time.

The great thing about using a fully automated event management system is that you can schedule your follow-up emails to be sent out automatically on the date you choose with the custom content you want to deliver. Some ideas for follow-up email content could be:
  • Inviting the registrant to visit your event website for more event information.
  • Announcements of new event merchandise for sale with a link to your online registration form for purchase.
  • Training tips
  • Testimonials from last year’s event participants
  • Results or video from last year’s event
  • Reminders of where and when to pick up your race packet
  • A final email including last minute updates to the event schedule and weather forecast.
These are only a few examples of email content that has worked well for event organisers we partner with. Our best advice would be to get creative!

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Keeping Them Engaged Until Event Day