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Get your event emails opened


4 Simple Ways to Increase Your Event Email Open Rate

People no longer read emails. They scan them. They also scan their inboxes and quickly filter through the emails that peak their interest and delete the ones that don’t. When it comes to promoting your event through email you have about a 3-5 second window in which to capture your registrant’s attention and get them to actually open your email. How your email appears in a recipient’s inbox can significantly affect your open rate so start with a good email template and try to get in the habit of optimising these 4 parts of your event emails to maximise your open rate.

1. Spend time on your subject line

64% of people say they open an email because of the subject line. (Source: Chadwick Martin Bailey) so it is important to spend some time on this critical part of your event email. The two main jobs of your subject line are to accurately depict the contents of the email message and to entice your event audience to open it. With this is mind, your subject line should clearly and concisely communicate why someone would want to open your message.

According to MarketingSherpa’s 2010 Email Marketing Benchmark Report, the top three types of subject lines that compel people to open emails contain a discount offer, a free product offer or a familiar brand name so when appropriate, include a discount or promotional offer for your event and the name of your event in the subject line of your emails. You may also be able to increase opens with a subject line that includes interesting stats, topical news, useful tips or a targeted question. Creating a sense of urgency or using automatic personalisation in your subject line can also increase opens, but only when used appropriately and sparingly.

Example: Jill, register for BigEvent today to get your 10% discount (personalisation, event name, discount offer & urgency)

2. Make your email ‘From line’ recognisable

Whether you use a person’s name or your event name in the ‘from line’ of your email, the most important thing is that it is recognisable. Include your company, brand or event name if that is what will resonate with your audience, or send your emails from prominent individuals or spokespeople associated with your brand or event. Either way, try to use the same ‘from line’ for every event email you send to create consistency and generate recognition. Keep the ‘from line’ under 22 characters so it's easy to read across various email clients and devices. And never use a “do not reply” address as it discourages conversation.

From: ‘Jill Smith’ (associate a person’s name with your event communications)
From ‘Big Event News’ (Include the event name in all event communications)

3. Include a hook in your email preview pane:

If you send business-to-consumer (B2C) emails, about 53% of your subscribers first see your emails in a preview pane. If you send business-to-business (B2B), the number is even higher (around 80%) [ Source: Aweber Communications]. The preview pane for many email clients lets users see part of their emails before they decide whether or not to open them. To entice previewers to open your emails, fill the top left of your message with content that hooks your reader’s attention. This will also optimise your email for viewing on a mobile device. Your preview hook could include an event offer or discount, an interesting teaser, or a compelling call to action that readers can access directly from the preview pane. Your event audience is

far more likely to open emails from senders they know and trust so be sure to also include your logo, company or event name in the preview space. Avoid having too many large images or headers in the preview as these will appear as blank space if the user has images turned off, or if they take too long to load, readers will move on.

CTA example in preview: Click here to get 20% off your BigEvent registration today. (offers a discount, includes event name & creates a sense of urgency)

4. Optimise the Email Snippet.

One part of an email that is often overlooked is the snippet of the mailing. The snippet is displayed right after the subject line. It is pulled from the first part of your email and can be seen by Gmail, Outlook, iphone and ipad users before they actually open the email. If your email has a pre-header, a header or an image/logo at the top of the mailing this is what will show up as the snippet. Take advantage of this part of your email and ensure the text in this area builds on the content of your subject line to further entice your recipients to open the email. If the first part of your email is your company or event logo, ensure you include relevant alt tag text. The screen size of the recipients device will affect how much of the snippet they actually see so ensure you front load it with keywords if you can.

Try optimising your ‘subject line’, ‘from line’, ‘preview content’ and ‘snippet’ in your next event email and see how it impacts the open rate. Let us know by commenting below.

To help you improve the performance of your event emails even more, get the latest free professionally designed email template from the ACTIVE Network here.

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