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21st Century Marketing

Developing social media presence is not an overnight affair! Simply setting up a Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn account isn’t going to boost your conversion rates. Like any lasting relationship, the key to social media success is building trust, which takes time.

When done correctly, social media can enhance your online presence and promote your organisation by increasing audience engagement with your content through “sharing” – the 21st Century “word of mouth”. The Event Planner’s Guide to Social Media will help utilise your social media channels to create a buzz around your event, engage with your audience, increase event attendance, and gain valuable feedback after your event.

Don't be aggressive

Using aggressive marketing tactics to boost your conversions on social media channels can have negative results on your online presence. Social media relies heavily on content and quality interactions with your audience. Create content that your audience will find interesting and useful, something that they would want to share with others. Remember social media is not designed to be a one-way communication medium, so encourage discussions and comments to increase audience engagement. The Event Planner’s Guide to Social Media will provide you with best practices and tips on promoting your event via various social media channels.

Promote open relationships

Unlike traditional marketing and advertising mediums, social media is one where sharing other people’s content is an acceptable, if not necessary, way of growing your community of followers. Commenting on other people’s blog posts will encourage others to engage with your posts and also help improve your online profile. Twitter is also another medium that encourages the sharing or re-Tweeting content, (if relevant to your audience).

Avoid un-likes and ignores

It’s all about content. Keep it fresh, interesting, and relevant. Although it’s important to be consistent with your blog entries and posts, it’s equally as important to ensure that your content is useful and relevant to your audience. Don’t feel under pressure to create content just for the sake of having something to post as followers will not want their social media feeds encumbered with irrelevant or repetitive information.


Social media is the way forward. Innovate, inspire and share - download your copy of The Event Planner’s Guide to Social Media to help boost your online presence and event attendance.

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