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I want MORE; doesn’t everyone?

In a generation where technology is the driving force behind businesses and our day-to-day lives, the events industry has undergone a major facelift. Although there are no major adverse side effects to this facelift, attendees have come to expect and demand more from events…more choice, a better experience, more value, and more ways to connect.

Out with the old, in with the new

Ladies and gentlemen, raise your glasses to the 21st Century Event Planning. The simple days of sending out paper invites are no more, and so are many hours spent drowning in a sea of paper registration forms.

Planning an event is now considered more of a journey, bringing people together with sustained community engagement throughout the event cycle. In a market where competition is rife, it’s imperative that event planners utilise technology to their advantage in building brand awareness and communities in order to drive greater conversion for their events.

Time is money

When was the last time that you used a pen and paper to manually fill out a form or hand-write a letter? Emails, text messages, Facebook, and Twitter have taken over. We live in a society where waiting a few days for information by post is just not acceptable, and in a similar respect, attendees expect the same, opting to receive information in real-time via email or enter registration information online at their own convenience.

Although some organisers may be adverse to changes to their registration process, the move from offline to online can save valuable time, resources and money wasted on tedious administrative tasks.

Is anyone listening?

Do consumers still listen to the authoritative voice of the company CEO on brochures and websites anymore? Well, the answer is YES, they still do; however, attendees are becoming less susceptible to company-to-attendee communication as it’s viewed as advertising. In recent years PEER-TO-PEER recommendations have become extremely important in gaining and increasing brand loyalty as opposed to traditional advertising methods, so if you want more attendees, it’s vital that you use social media channels for lead generation and in increasing your conversion.

Achieving greater conversion

Want more tips on how to achieve greater conversion for your events? Download the Guide to Drive Greater Conversion and start to increase your event ROI.

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