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Henry Ford famously said "If I had asked people what they wanted, they would have said faster horses", so he gave them the automobile.

Technology has certainly advanced since then, with “mobile” at the forefront. We are just not as patient as we used to be, speed and ease of communication is paramount; so it’s not a surprise that mobile technology has had a vast impact on business and industry throughout the world.

With all the changes in technology, one question comes to mind: Is mobile technology Henry’s faster horse that the events industry didn’t ask for?

From clipboards to tablets

It may not be hands-free but at least the tablet has eliminated the need for hefty ring-binders and clipboards not to mention the improvement in efficiency and increased accuracy of information that paper-less registration has provided. It’s not just the clipboard that’s been trumped in terms of technology, but our good friend, the computer, is left behind where accessing information is concerned. Endurance event organisers and business event planners alike can rejoice at the advances in technology that have provided more sophisticated mobile event management apps and tools that can manage event and attendee data at a click.

From organisers to attendees

Yes, so life has improved for the organisers, but where are the attendees in this equation? Ease of access to event information, self-edits, agendas, speaker bios, schedules…all at attendee’s own convenience is a possibility through the use of handheld mobile devices.

The increased interactivity provided for by mobile technology has been most advantageous for both event organisers and attendees. Attendees with real-time access to information can give their feedback through surveys and polls in addition to broadening their network thanks to applications that can match them to other possible contacts based on shared attributes.

Organiser-attendee-organiser full circle

The transition to mobile has really boosted and extended the reach of events via social media channels such as Facebook and LinkedIn, enabling the creating of communities and encouraging engagement between organisers and their attendees all in a click.


Is it a horse? No, it’s mobile. We may not have asked for it but it is here and it is definitely the way forward. For more information download the whitepaper on 5 Ways Mobile Technology Is Re-Shaping Events.

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