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Tired of receiving sales calls from mobile phone companies and what seems to be an endless pile of leaflets and brochures through your letter box?

No matter what your age, job, or background, we’ve all come across some form of outbound marketing.

Companies and organisations invest a huge amount of resources into generating leads in this way, and it’s really just a numbers game. Unfortunately, this is not the most cost effective way of generating leads or attracting attendees for event organisers.

The “come to us” approach

Lack of resources and investment can substantially hinder the outbound event marketing approach. “A SOLUTION” I hear you cry! “YES, let them come to you!” Another great aspect of inbound lead generation is cutting out the “don’t call us, we’ll call you”. However for inbound campaigns to be successful you need to know your attendee inside-out.

Download your copy of the Inbound Lead Calculator to help you throughout you lead generation cycle.


This isn’t a CV and “qualification” does not require a degree! As you are relying heavily on your prospective attendees coming to you, you must ensure that you are using the correct messaging to address their needs in your marketing materials to entice and drive traffic to your event site or online registration page. It’s pretty simple, if you know what they want, you can sell to them!

Like a bee to nectar

Once you have created a buzz around your event and driven traffic to your event site and registration page, it’s time to CLOSE, turn those MQLs into attendees! Including offers and incentives works extremely well in boosting event registrations.

Unique visitors, MGLs, MQLs, monthly revenue; it’s vital that you produce a monthly forecast of your metrics to ensure that you are meeting your event marketing goals and objectives. You can access and download a FREE Inbound Lead Calculator here to help you for your event.

It’s no marriage proposal – It’s all about the engagement

Engaging your attendees with fresh content that they find useful is a great way of keeping up the momentum or the buzz created through your marketing campaigns. Keep attendees interested in your event and encourage the sharing of event information and content, such as whitepapers, infographics, photographs, and video content, with their social groups and colleagues to help increasing your profile.

Tip: It’s a good idea to track each of your marketing activities so that you know what works best and where to concentrate your marketing efforts. Read my post of “Event Tracking – The Professional’s Game of Tag” for some helpful hints and tips.

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