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Whether it’s your first day at school, first kiss or fist love, you always want your first time to be perfect, and your first event is no different. There may be blunders, heartache and a lot of back and forth, but planning your first event is a huge learning curve that will prepare and pave the way for your future career.

So you’ve obtained your licenses and permits, arranged the venue, organised the catering, and gone through your health and safety plan with a fine toothcomb, but with all the excitement of your upcoming event, there are a few things that can easily be overlooked.

Once you have ticked off everything on your Event Planner’s Checklist, here are some tips to help you build a successful event and boost your attendance.

Switch to online

It’s no longer the 90’s and in order to keep up with the competition you need to offer your attendees easier ways of registering for your events. Paper-based registration can be costly and waste a lot of time, not to mention the hassle that it causes your attendees. It’s simple - to increase your registrations, make it easier to register. Provide your attendees with various options, including mobile optimised online registration forms that they can access from their mobile device no matter where they are.

Am I on your list?

An amazing event website and branded registration form will do wonders for your event, but you need to drive traffic to your forms. Maintaining and growing your marketing contact list is crucial to promoting your event. Sending out email invitations to your lists is a great way of getting the word out about your event and, when executed correctly, can help to boost your attendance. A good online event registration company will provide you with integrated email marketing tools so that you don’t need to outsource designers or have any prior knowledge of HTLM.

Remember it’s not just a numbers game, don’t send out promotional materials and invites to anyone and everyone. Make sure that your marketing efforts are not wasted by performing thorough audience research before compiling your lists.

Tweet to Traffic

Social media is a tool that every event planner should utilise to promote their events. Create a following on Twitter by promoting your event with its own hashtag. Hashtags are really a form of metadata tags which are used to mark messages and enable attendees or groups of people to access specific messages. Don’t get too hashtag-happy - assign one or two for your event. If used correctly your event’s hashtag can appear on the “Trending Topics” of a user’s homepage and increase traffic to your event site. Ensure you promote your event on other social channels such as Facebook, LinkedIn and your blog. Integrating social share buttons with your event site and registration page will also go a long way in increasing engagement and promoting your event.

Cash is not always convenient

Make it safe and easy for attendees to pay to register for your event. Offer various online payment options as well as early-bird registration fees and group entry discounts as incentives. Early-bird discounts are a good way of ensuring that your event sells out at a faster rate, while also reducing the amount of work that your staff need to do in the days leading up to your event.

It’s good to talk – it’s better to listen

Communicating updates and sharing engaging content with your attendees is always a must, but it’s also important to listen to feedback. Taking polls and organising surveys is an excellent way of gaining feedback before, during, and after your event. Your first event is a learning curve and obtaining feedback from your attendees can be used to optimise your future events.

Remember not to forget!

One thing that often gets overlooked is the reminder email. Sending an email reminder to your registrants will not only remind them of your event, but it will also help minimise no-shows; the last thing an event planner wants to see is an array of unused badges at the end of an event.

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