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Small events usually require about 2 months of preparation where-as more complex events will need at least 6 months of planning before the big day. Get your copy of The Event Planning Life Cycle info-graphic and make sure you get your timings right!

No matter how large or small the event, there are several key steps that you will need to climb in order to dress your event for success.


Step 1: Define your event goals and set budgets.

Step 2: Find a location for your event; this will be used to determine your maximum registration number depending on the location capacity. Contact service providers and contractors to obtain quotes.

Step 3: Define your pricing structured based on quotes and cost obtained. Prepare a draft event schedule or agenda.

Step 4: Go paperless and set-up your online registration forms and design your event website.

Step 5: Perform a walk-through of your event; this will ensure that you do not miss anything and identify areas that may need improvement.

Step 6: Once your event details have been determined, send out email invitations to your distribution lists letting them know when you will be open for registrations. Providing early bird offers will entice early sign-ups for your event.

Step 7: Open your online registration and encourage registrants to share and promote your event through their social media channels.

Step 8: Finalise your schedules and event staff.

Step 9: Ensure that you have all the print collateral that you require for your event.

Step 10: It’s getting close to your event day; sending out email reminders will help minimise no-shows.

Step 11: Remember to send event surveys out to all your attendees on the day of the event. This will help you obtain accurate feedback while the experience is still fresh.

Step 12: The event may be over but your work isn’t! Create and share custom reports with event stakeholders so that you can make data-driven decisions about future events.

You can download your FREE copy of The Event Planning Life Cycle info-graphic so that you complete each step at the optimum time to ensure event success.

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