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What next for MOB Events in 2014?

2013 was a phenomenal year for the worldwide expansion of MOB™ events. What is a MOB event? MOB stands for non-traditional, hyper social, experiential events, combining Mud Runs, Obstacles and Beers and more. The first real MOB event, the Spartan Race, took place in 2005 and since then MOB events have been multiplying across the globe. In 2013 leading MOB event brands such as the Color Run and the Electric Run were a success in countries all over the world.

What will 2014 have in store for MOB events?

The popularity of Mob events shows no signs of vanishing. A recent 2013 survey answered by 1200+ members of the community indicated that 86% of those surveyed were planning to participate in MOB events in 2014. More than half of those surveyed (64%) also indicated that they plan to participate in 1 to 2 events in the next year.

Why are participants so drawn to MOB events?

A majority of participants (86%) surveyed cite the ‘fun factor’ as being the main reason for them signing up for these events. The survey results also revealed that team participation is extremely popular, with team participation growing by 25% year-on-year.

From the organisers’ perspective, MOB events are becoming a powerful alternative to traditional endurance events in developed endurance markets. In countries like Australia and Singapore, event organisers are increasingly competing to have a unique event date. The pressure to differentiate their events from the competition is ensuring that organisers are becoming even more creative in their approach.

In Singapore alone from December 2013 to early 2014 new event formats such as the military style Commando Challenge, zombie fun runs such as Run for your lives and electric wonderland experiences such as The Electric Run are taking place for the first time. In other countries such as Hong Kong, the major trend in 2014 will be the growth of charity events. Events such as The Prodigy Running Skirt Chaser, the International Beer Dash and the Cyberport Run for Rehab are all providing different event experiences to raise funds for an important cause.

MOB events in the UK have also been growing at an incredible rate. With an average 400% growth since 2011, some of the most popular being Rock Solid Race, Commando Challenge and X Runner. Over 50% of MOB events organised throughout the UK are connected to a charity and have thus become a new fundraising source for good causes.

What will be the major driver for MOB events in 2014?

The novelty and fun factor is what initially attracts first time MOB-sters, however, the 2013 ACTIVE survey showed that a key motivator for many participants was the chance to spend time with their friends.. The survey also showed that 55% of participants post photos on Facebook and 34% hear about the events on social media. It’s clear that social media will continue to drive participation and engagement in 2014. With more MOB events taking place in new locations, it’s time to get your MOB team ready for 2014! Another exciting year for MOB events is on the way.
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