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Event Director of the Month: Stuart Hamilton, Event Director, OMM (Original Mountain Marathon)

Stuart Hamilton We like to celebrate the success of race directors around the globe and their contribution to making the world a more active place. So this month we caught up with Stuart Hamilton, who’s taken the Original Mountain Marathon’s race series to new heights with rapid international expansion and the addition of OMM Japan.

Quick race overview:

Since 1968 the OMM has remained the original mountain marathon.  It is a test of self-sufficiency, of self-reliance and endurance.  With a race series comprising seven events in four different countries at present, OMM is set to expand to bring affordable and exceptionally well organised racing across the world.

Stuart, how did you get started in the business?

I’m a former Royal Marine and also a member of the British Navy ski team. I’ve always been into sport and when I decided that I’d had enough of being shot at, I needed something that would maintain my interest and excitement in the job.

How long have you been involved with the OMM?

I’ve been involved with OMM for four years, since 2010.  The company has evolved and now boasts a full international race series, which I am in the process of expanding due to the success that we’ve seen with the original OMM (25 & 26 Oct 2014) and the other races in our portfolio.

What were the biggest changes in the industry you noticed in 2013?

The biggest change in the industry that I’ve noticed is that people want to register online at the very last minute and race same weekend. Obviously, this is not always possible for more complicated and challenging events like the OMM.  I’ve also noticed that due to the increased breadth of available races/challenges that the discerning factor is increasingly the quality of organisation behind the event. Since 1968 we have dedicated ourselves to providing the best mountain marathons available.

What do you think is in store for you and the industry in 2014?

I wish that I could see into the future for the industry.  For OMM, there will be renewed focus on bike racing and expanding our race portfolio, which has been increased by the addition of OMM Japan.

Do you have any advice to share with other event directors?

My advice is threefold:
a)  Plan your contingencies;
b)  Manage your social media; and
c)  Come and do the OMM this October and see how it’s done.

Race Directors, do you want to take Stuart up on his challenge? Check out the OMM!



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Event Director of the Month: Stuart Hamilton, Event Director, OMM (Original Mountain Marathon)