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Blonde or brunette?

It’s amazing how a simple thing like colour can evoke different reactions and perceptions. The same rule applies to your event marketing campaigns, whether it’s messaging, image, or a call to action, it’s vital to assess what works the best. A/B testing is one of the ways that you can test two variants, (A and B), to identify alterations made to a web page that can have an effect on your metrics, such as click-through-rates, downloads, or contact requests.

What if I want C?

For those who want it all, bucket testing or multivariate testing enables you to experiment with more than two versions of a web page or email campaign simultaneously. There are many tools that enable you to track your marketing activities in order to optimise them to boost your event conversion and increase your ROI. Remember, optimisation is not a one night affair; it’s a continuous process and as such all results should be recorded using a Report Template.


Technology has changed the way we market our events, paving the way for greater control and accuracy in tracking, measuring and reporting on the success of event marketing activities. From creating UTM tags for your marketing activities, In-Page analytics, multivariate testing, to optimising for greater conversion, the Event Reporting Whitepaper complete with a complimentary Social Media Tracking tool and Report Template will ensure that your marketing activities are on track.

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